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How do I Change my Name on Finnair Ticket Online?

Has your ticket been issued without your last name? If you made a mistake on your ticket or your name was changed legally, and you later decide to modify the name on the ticket, you may always contact Finnair's airline. Regardless of the flight information or trip locations, these policy rules uniformly apply to all ticket pricing and service tiers. These guidelines guarantee a smooth name change procedure while giving authorities clear instructions on how to support your request.

The steps to change the name through the official website:

It will be essential to navigate to the airline's official website. Enter "" into your PC browser to accomplish this.

  • The "Manage" tab will reside at the top of this website's main page. Select this tab.
  • Following the completion of redirection, the "Manage Booking" section will now be shown.
  • You will be prompted for the passenger's "Family Name" as well as other basic information.
  • Following that, you must enter the necessary reservation details, such as the "Booking Reference."
  • To proceed, click or press the "Search" button on your screen.
  • You may now view the flight you've planned. Choose the reservation for which the name has to be changed or corrected.
  • You can continue by following the directions that appear on your page. Use the Finnair modify name on the ticket option to make the necessary adjustments.
  • Your changes will be completed once you pay the required name change fee. Make the payment only if it is required.
  • If your name has been properly changed, you may check the confirmation email sent to the right email address.

The steps to change the name through the phone call

If you used cash, points from Finnair Plus, or a tiered award to upgrade your flight and you need to amend or correct the name, you should get in touch with customer support.

When your call is connected, and you speak with an airline representative. Inform the airline that you need to change the name. Please provide any required flight details, such as your reservation number. Inform them of the mistakes involving your name so they may make the necessary corrections.

The Finnair Name Change Policy:

When you wish to alter or replace your name on your ticket, you must follow certain special regulations. These conditions ensure that the traveler can change their name without difficulty.

  • When making a direct reservation through authorized methods, name alterations are permitted for all service classes and bookings.
  • Marriage and divorce-related name changes are recognized. To confirm these modifications, the relevant paperwork and certifications must be presented.
  • According to Finnair's name correction Policy international, your passport's name and the name on your international airline ticket must match. Travel restrictions will apply if this criteria is not met.
  • It is forbidden to give someone else ownership of a ticket. It is not permitted to change the reservation's name for this reason.

The cost of using the name change service, which includes service fees, is predetermined.

Can you Correct a Name on an Airline ticket?

As per the Finnair name change policy, passengers can change their name or swap their tickets and are subject to a fee. If your ticket type permits, you can modify it at least one day before departure. Your name on the ticket must be exactly the same as it appears on your passport or government-issued photo ID.