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Viva Aerobus Change Name Online

Many of the passengers make mistakes in names in a hurry. So with Viva Aerobus, it is not a big deal, you can complete the process very shortly through the section 'manage my booking' because this airline serves a very easy to use process.

The process is to change the name of Viva Aerobus:

  • You are required to visit the official website of the Viva Aerobus.
  • Here you have to choose the tab of 'manage my booking' from the homepage.
  • Now you should fill in the last name and the reservation number to open the page.
  • Once it will open you need to choose the option of the change and then name change.
  • Here you need to complete all the on screen details. And then complete the payment if there is any required.
  • Within 24 hours you will receive all of your booking details on your registered Email address.

In this manner, you can change the name on your registered flight very shortly. You must have to go through it and complete your process as per your need.

How Much Does it Cost To Change The Name To a Plane Ticket?

Mainly, the cost to change the name to a plane ticket depends on the route, destination, flight class, and many more. But if you wish to complete the process of the name change for free then you have to follow the risk free hour and the same day change policy.

What happens if I made a mistake in the name of my Viva Aerobus flight?

If you made a mistake in the name of the Viva Aerobus flight then you need to change it. But while changing the name you must know the policy of the name change, so that you won’t be required to pay any of the extra charges. Also if you won’t aware of the policy then you can look over the below mentioned bullets.

  • You can only do minor changes because here major changes and total name change is not permitted.
  • The name change section will not be applicable to any of the flight changes, date changes, or seat changes.
  • The only ticket are permitted to change the name which is scheduled through the official website.

If your ticket is scheduled by a third party or any travel agency. Then you need to coordinate with them for the name change.

What happens if I put the date of birth wrong on a Viva Aerobus flight?

If you have mentioned the date of birth wrong on a Viva Aerobus flight then you should have to change it as soon as possible by coordinating through the customer service person.

How long do I have to change a flight?

If you wish to change a flight for no cost then you must have to complete your process within 24 hours of the scheduled flight reservation. But if you talk about How long? Then you must have to be aware that you can change it 4 hours before the scheduled flight departure.