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Qantas Airways Manage Booking

Qantas Airways totally aware of the issues which sometimes get arise in between the plan of the passengers. So they require to manage their booking as per their further schedule. So if you are in something similar then you can take the assistance of the “manage my booking”. Where you can easily manage your booking and be relaxed for the future.

Also, guess what? You can complete the manage booking process for free but for that, you must have to complete the process within 24 hours of the scheduled flight reservation. And it must be at least 7 days, not so far away from the time of the scheduled flight reservation.

The process of Qantas Airways manage booking:

This is mostly preferred way which is very easy to use so that one can easily manage their booking on their own so take the assistance of the steps which are covered below:

  • First and foremost, visit the official website of the Qantas Airways.
  • Then from the homepage, choose the tab “my trips” and log in by filling reservation code and the last name.
  • And once your booking page opens, select the tab of “manage my booking”.
  • Here you will get many options from which you need to choose the tab in which you wish to proceed. 
  • After completing the change, you can also Qantas Manage booking seat selection.
  • Then you need to complete the payment (if applied to you).
  • Here after the payment, you will receive the confirmation within 24 hours.

Once you will receive the confirmation email, all of your new details will be received on your registered Email. But in case you won’t be able to manage your booking on your own. Then you can take the help of the other application for the change. Some of the ways are described below.

Through the mobile application:

In this way, you are only required to download the mobile application of Qantas Airways. Where just after downloading the application, you need to log in by filling in all the required details such as your mobile number and email address. Once your application opens then from the home, you need to select the tab “manage my booking” From here you can complete the process. Also, it is around the clock accessible so here you do not need to wait for a long queue.

How do I manage my booking on Qantas Airways?

Qantas Airways is Australia's largest airline and is one of the oldest operating airlines in the world. If you are going to fly with the airline and you need to modify the booking, you do not have to feel stressed out as there are plenty of ways to manage your booking. Whether you need to book a seat, buy baggage, or change the name of a passenger, you can use the official website, the mobile app, or the customer service number to get the task completed. If you want to get detailed information, you must read further ahead.

The process to manage Qantas Airways booking

  • Open the page
  • You have to click the tab Manage to book.
  • Then, enter the voucher reference and the last name of the passenger.
  • Click the tab Continue.
  • You will find various options/tabs that can be used to manage your booking easily.
  • You have to click the relevant tab and follow the instructions further to complete the process.
  • You will be able to make payments if required.

Using the process above, you can easily Qantas Airways Manage Booking through the official website. It is easy to navigate, and the process is simple. But if you do not have access to the official website, you may use another method from the list below.

Through the phone number:

  • You have to dial the number 1800 227-4500 and follow the IVR instructions below.
  • Press 1 to book a flight or to modify a reservation.
  • You have to press 2 to request a refund.
  • Press 3 if your baggage is damaged or delayed.
  • You have to press 4 to file a complaint or share your feedback.
  • Press 9 to speak to a customer service agent.

After you are connected, you have to give the booking reference and the last name of the passenger. The representative will complete the task.

Through the mobile app:

The mobile app is convenient to use, and it can be used to Qantas flight manage booking by following the steps below.

  1. Download and open the app.
  2. Click "Manage booking."
  3. Enter the voucher reference and last name.
  4. Click "Continue," then select the booking.
  5. Use the tabs to manage your booking by following the instructions further.

You will get an email from the airline with an update after the process is completed.

Through the ticket counters:

You have to talk to a customer service agent at the airport. You have to give the booking details and ask for the service or the change you need to make to the reservation. If you want to book a seat, you can check for availability and choose the seat. You can even purchase baggage or request for a special service like a wheelchair or assistance with an unaccompanied minor.

The information above will be useful if you want to manage your booking. If you require a solution to any other travel-related query, you can call the Qantas phone number or visit the official website. The number will be available 24/7 and it is one of the fastest ways to connect with the airline so that you can get solutions that will make your trip memorable.

Qantas Airways Phone Number

Also, you can also take the best assistance from the Qantas Airways phone Number. Here once you will call then you will definitely connect with well-experienced experts. Who will initially inquire for some of the details? And then provide all of the assistance in a well-organized manner. Also here you must have to be with all of your booking details. So that you won’t face any difficulties in between.

In bottom

Now you can manage your booking as per your requirement and be ready to take your scheduled flight. Also because here there are many ways to manage booking, you can choose as per your preference and complete the process in your own way.