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Ways to Avoid British Airways Baggage Fees

So with British Airways, you should have to require to know that you can carry each bag weight 23 kg. But in the same place, how many bags will you carry? Totally depend on the cabin class, booking, or the executive Club Tier status of the flight. And you are also required to know that all types of tickets allow a cabin bag or a handbag.  

Here the list of baggage allowed in the cabin is mentioned below: 

  • No baggage is allowed for the Economy Basic (cabin and handbag only). 
  • In the economy class, there is one bag allowed of 23 kg. 
  • But in the Premium economy, they allow 2 baggage of 23 Kg.  
  • The scenario of the Business class is different where you can carry 2 bags of 32 Kg.  
  • And in the first class, they allow 3 bags of the 32 kg. 

Also if your ticket is already booked then you can add on extra baggage by paying an extra charge.  

British Airways Baggage Policy

In the condition where the passenger is caring two hand baggage then they should be required to put a second bag on the hold as checked baggage.  

  • Passengers of British Airways can’t carry perishable items gadgets, jewelry, money, or electronics in the checked baggage. 
  • After submitting the baggage the passengers will receive a tracking code which is required in the case of the misplacement.  
  • As per the class and the services selected, the checked baggage must be 90 x 75 x 43 cm including its wheels, pocket, and handle.  
  • And in case of the hand baggage or personal baggage, the size should be 56 x 45 x 25 cm, and 40 x 30 x 15 cm. And the weight of both bags must be under 10 kg. 

In terms of British Airways Baggage Fees, if the size will exceed 23 kg to 32 kg. The airline will charge 100 USD per overweight baggage.  

With this, you are also required to take some information regarding the lost baggage. Because British Airways takes pride in handover the bag very safely but in any mishappening. If you won’t find your baggage then at that moment you should have to know the lost baggage policy of the airline. 

The lost baggage policy of British Airways: 

  • If you are at the airport, then you must have to report to the baggage staff. And in case you left the airport then you have to report through the website so the process of finding your baggage will start. But it should be done within 8 days of the time of the misplacing.  
  • Once the report will be done the airline will provide you the tracking number by which you can trace your baggage.  

Also in this scenario, you can use the British Airways lost and found phone number 1-800-247-9297. Where you will connect with the customer care person of the lost and found department. Initially, they will ask for some of the details and then serve the best assistance in your favor.