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How do I Talk To a Live Person at Aer Lingus?

Basically, Aer Lingus is a flag carrier airline of Ireland and its headquarters are located on the grounds of Dublin Airport near Cloghran, County Dublin. So if you wanted to know how to talk to a live person at Aer Lingus reservation phone number, this aircraft offers all the services to its passengers. Then, after reading these feature through to the end, you must fix every issue.  

There are several ways listed below that you can connect and talk with the airline's customer service department. But for that, you must carefully follow each step:- 

How to Contact Aer Lingus By phone?

Method 1: By the telephone 

You can reach the customer support department by calling their official number, but to get it, you must carefully follow the instructions below:- 

Go to the airline's official website first, then search for the "contact us" link. On that page, scroll down until you see the official phone number. You can call the Aer Lingus customer service phone number +1800 474-7424 to reach virtual customer care, who will help you with the instructions, by dialing that number. Additionally, you must adhere to the system's IVR procedure and the following details: 

  • To choose your favorite languages, press button 1.  
  • If you want to learn more about the baggage, press the 3 buttons.  
  • To amend or cancel the flight reservation, press the 5 buttons.  
  • If you want to speak with an actual person from the airline, press the 7 buttons.  
  • To return to the primary menu, press the 0 buttons.

Does Aer Lingus have a chat line? 

Method 2: Through the Chat 

This is the simplest way to connect with them, and you can communicate with them to ask them questions and solve problems; take the following actions to begin conversing with them. Initially, you should visit the Aer Lingus Airlines website and click the "message us" link. Next, click on the option of "Live Chat" and select it. After then, a brief chat window will appear in which you can ask them any questions you have about the problems.  

Method 3: By the Email address 

The easiest way to contact them for all of your questions is by email. Observe the procedures listed below if you want the process to connect with them:- 

  • You need to go to the top website and select the contact us link in order to obtain their official email address.  
  • If you continue to browse the page, you will quickly find the airline's official email address,, which you should then open.  
  • Start writing the messages you need to send them right away, and if necessary, include any documents you need to send along with them.  

So the information provided about how to speak with a live person at Aer Lingus contact number will help you to understand everything. Contact the airline's knowledgeable representative if you continue to have troubles so they can help you resolve them. Also, you should have to know that all these services are around the clock accessible. 

How do I speak to someone Aer Lingus at Manchester Airport?

If you are looking for customer swrvice of Aer Lingus then follow Below is a list of all contact numbers for different departments at Manchester airport. If you have lost a piece of luggage, have queries about baggage allowances on your flight or just have a general enquiry, then give them a ring. +44 (0) 100 261 0004/+1-888-850-2860.

Where is the Aer Lingus desk at Manchester Airport?

Where do I check in for my Aer Lingus flight at Manchester Airport? You can check in for your Aer Lingus flight at the designated Aer Lingus desks in Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport. Check-in can also be completed online prior to arrival at the airport.

Logo AIRLINE Aegean Airlines                          TERMINAL T2
Logo             AIRLINE Aer Lingus               TERMINAL T1
Logo             AIRLINE Aer Lingus (Direct Transatlantic)               TERMINAL T2
Logo             AIRLINE Air Canada               TERMINAL T2
Logo            AIRLINE Air France               TERMINAL T2

Do Aer Lingus have a base at Manchester?

Aer Lingus (U.K.) Limited is a British airline and wholly owned subsidiary of Aer Lingus, the flag carrier of the Republic of Ireland. It is headquartered in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with its operations based at Manchester Airport.