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How To Contact the Egypt Air Customer Service Team? 

Egyptair Airlines is one of the best airlines that offers its customers a variety of amenities. You could have multiple queries on passenger amenities, discounts, deals, and the availability of refunds for canceled flights. In order to receive quick and effective responses to all of these queries, you should also get in touch with the official representative. Read on to learn more about customer service and how to get in touch with them. 

How to get in touch with the customer service representative over the phone? 

The phone call option is the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with the representative. By communicating with the airlines, you could improve the experience of the journey. Whether you want to make a new reservation or modify an existing one, the customer service representatives will be glad to assist you. 

How do I email Egyptair Plus?

To unlock your EGYPTAIR Plus account, please send an Email to EGYPTAIR Plus Customer Service ( mentioning your Membership number.

Steps to speak with the live representative 

You must access the airline's official website and then click on the contact section in order to connect to the representative. You can then choose a phone call from a variety of ways to get in touch with the representative; dial the Egyptair booking number +1 (212) 581-5600, and then pick your preferred language. They must then adhere to the IVR instructions after this.  

  • To make the bookings, press 1.  
  • To cancel the reservations, press 2  
  • To obtain the reimbursement, press 3.  
  • For luggage-related issues, press 4. 
  • To reach the representative, press 5.  
  • To learn more about miles, press 6.  
  • To return to the menu, press 9.  

Select the option that best addresses your issue, then contact the representative. You will discover all of the answers to your issues in this manner. 

Various ways to get in touch with Egyptair: 

If the response you get by calling the Egyptair phone number is unsatisfactory, or you prefer to get in touch with a representative in another way, you can use the method listed below to do so.  

Connect through Live Chat: The airline offers live chat support for customers. This will enable you to start a written conversation and quickly get a response. The approaches are as follows: 

  • Visit the official  website 
  • Select the contact icon from the homepage later. 
  • Click the chat icon to post your question after that. 

Connect through Email: You can mail your question to the airline if you'd like to communicate with them via email. You must first open your registered email account and then navigate to the section where you can compose a message. After filling out all necessary information, you must send the message to the official email address of the airline. Within 24 hours, you will receive the solutions from the representative.  

Connect through Social Media: Get in touch with Egyptair's various social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, and post your travel-related complaint and query. 


You can contact the airline's customer service in the ways mentioned above at any time because they are open around the clock. Using the Egyptair Reservation Number, customers can get professional guidance and tailored recommendations. The airline is committed to providing outstanding customer service and ensuring trouble-free travel.