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How To Make a Group Travel Booking on Southwest Airlines?

Traveling with Southwest Airlines can be one of the most enjoyable experiences, particularly if you travel in a group. You can arrange this group travel service for 10 or more people flying for business or pleasure. The best part is that you can save money on flying. When you use the group travel program, you can save the most money on your travel costs.

If you are unaware of “What is the group travel?” policies and how to book one, read below to gain valuable insight that might help you resolve your queries regarding the same.

How to book Southwest Airlines Group travel?

To book a trip with a group, you can either book it via the official website or call customer service in case of assistance.

Mode 1: Through the official website

  • First, go to Southwest Airlines' official website.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the groups at the bottom of the homepage.
  • For group bookings, click Group trip and enter the necessary information such as the number of passengers, arrival and departure destinations, trip date, and budget. Then, forward the query to them.
  • They will analyze your case and contact you by phone to present you with the best available fare price quotations for domestic or international flights.
  • Passengers must provide a $50 deposit per passenger to hold the reservation after the initial booking. The only accepted mode of deposit payment is by credit card.
  • Suppose a passenger has submitted the whole name list with passport information for final payment. In that case, you should proceed with the fee, which is only permissible by Card or similar online payment mechanism.

Passengers who paid by wire transfer should contact at least seven days before the final payment.

Mode 2: Via Call

To acquire group booking prices, if a traveler wants assistance arranging group arrangements, call the customer service number, which is operational Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. until midnight Central Time on 1800-433-5368/+1 839 777 9792. After

dialing the number, you are required to adhere to the instructions as asked by the IVR. Once the call is connected, supply the customer care person with important information such as the number of travelers, arrival and departure locations, trip dates, budget price, and fare kinds such as Basic Economy or other classes. To book the group trip, follow the steps outlined by the representative.

What is The Southwest Group Travel Policy?

It is always advisable to read the policies thoroughly before applying as it helps in going through the procedures without any difficulties. Note that the group tickets are not refundable. Furthermore, these tickets are ineligible for downgrades, upgrades, exchanges, adjustments, or standby.

  • Southwest Airlines does not offer paper tickets for group tickets. All tickets will be distributed electronically.
  • For group travel, UATP, Paypal, credit cards, and wire transfers are accepted forms of payment. Furthermore, only credit cards are accepted for deposits.
  • Southwest gift cards, LUV Vouchers, ticket credits, and eChecks cannot be used to book group travel.
  • Also, group reservations are eligible for an unlimited number of name changes. Up to 72 hours before the departure, you can modify the name in the group booking.
  • After the first booking, passengers must make a $50 deposit per passenger to hold the reservation. The sole method of deposit payment accepted is by credit card.
  • If a passenger has submitted the entire name list with passport information for final payment, you must proceed with the fee, which can only be paid by Card or another online payment mechanism.
  • Passengers who paid by wire transfer must email at least seven days before the final payment.

Even if all these methods don’t work for you and you cannot resolve your issue, make sure to contact the Southwest Airlines Contact Number for further guided assistance.