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The mountainous, rain-forested, and volcanic nation of Costa Rica is located in Central America and is renowned for its thriving biodiversity, breathtaking beauty, warm locals, and lack of a permanent military presence. It is understandable why they are renowned for their beaches given that they have coastlines on both the Caribbean and the Pacific. The majority of the country's people and cultural institutions are located in San Jose, the capital city.

However, most tourists travel there to enjoy the scenery. In the protected jungle that makes up almost a fourth of the country, spider monkeys and quetzal birds are just a couple of the amazing animals that call it home.

Ideal time to visit Costa Rica:

Costa Rica is at its driest and sunniest between December and April, making those months the ideal time to travel there. Traveling from May to June, or in November, would be ideal because of the country's green season. The national parks are less crowded and you can see the seasons changing at this time.

Tips to travel Costa Rica:

Even though Costa Rica is generally a relatively safe country, pickpockets and small-time thievery are issues. Avoid the bother of missing property by being active. First of all, never park your car with anything visible inside. If you're going to the beach, attempt to park in a parking lot or close to other vehicles.

In Costa Rica, you won't have trouble finding natives who speak excellent English, but learning a little Spanish can help you get ahead and be welcomed, as well as give you a significant advantage when haggling. 

Going east instead of the west can help you quickly get away from Costa Rica's congestion. Liberia is a convenient beach vacation because its international airport is so near to the Pacific Ocean. The Caribbean shore is far less developed because it is much tougher to access the beaches there. You'll like discovering the Caribbean shore if you're seeking an experience off the usual path.

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