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What is the Egyptair Baggage Allowance Policy? 

Whether you are traveling for leisure or work, packing your bags can be a monumental task if you are not aware of the airline's baggage policy. Packing more than the allowance may lead you to pay extra charges at the airport. You might have to end up not packing essential items if you pack too light.  Egyptair allows passengers to travel with a reasonable amount of baggage in terms of weight and quantity.  You can read further along to get all the details. 

Cabin baggage allowance: 

  • If you hold an economy ticket, you can get a personal item and carry-on baggage for free.  
  • In the business class, you can get 2 carry-on baggage and a personal item for free. 
  • The personal items may include a purse, a small briefcase, and a laptop bag. The maximum Egyptair Carry-On Baggage Weight Limit must not be more than 8 kg. 

Checked baggage allowance: 

  • In economy class, passengers are allowed to check in 2 bags, each weighing not more than 50 pounds, and the linear dimension must not be more than 62 inches. 
  • In the business class, the maximum weight of each bag should not be more than 70 pounds, and the linear dimension should not be more than 62 inches. 

You may get an additional baggage allowance if you are a frequent flyer and hold a membership card. 

Excess baggage: 

  • If you get a bag that exceeds the allowance on the ticket, it will be considered excess baggage by the airline, and you will be charged as per the Egyptair Baggage Allowance Policy, Fee for it.  The fee will depend on the route and the destination. 
  • You must arrive at the airport on time if you need to check in excess baggage so that you have ample time to clear the check-in formalities and pay for the baggage. 

Overweight and oversized baggage: 

  • If your baggage weight exceeds the maximum weight or size limitation on the ticket, it will be considered an overweight or oversized bag. You will be charged a fee for it. 
  • If you are carrying sports or musical instruments, and it exceeds the size and weight limitation, it may be considered excess baggage. If it fits the limitation, it can be considered a cabin or check-in baggage. 

If you do not get your baggage upon arrival, you may call the +1-877-818-6735 Egyptair Baggage lost found phone number to check the status of the bag and report the delay of the bag. 

Once you are aware of the airline policy, you may read ahead to understand the process of booking a bag. 

Steps to book a baggage 

  • You have to open the homepage and click the tab My Booking. 
  • Then, type in the booking reference and the passenger's last name. 
  • The tab "See your bookings" must be selected. 
  • You have to select the booking. 
  • Click the tab "Book a bag." 
  • Make the payment. 

You will get an email with the details. 

The information above will be useful if you need to know about the baggage policy. For help with any other travel-related query, you may use the official website or the +1-877-818-6735 Egyptair customer service number.  The number will remain accessible 24/7 for the passenger's comfort.